Amazon Tap-Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker
August 25, 2019

Amazon Tap-Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

By Rabah Hasan

Amazon Tap-Alexa is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker with enhanced portability. This 6.5 by 2.6-inch speaker combines the company’s digital assistant with great connectivity functionalities. It provides a clear and full-range sound. You can listen to news, music, dim lights, search for information and even order pizza among other things made possible by tapping the microphone button. Amazon Tap-Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker makes use of a button which allows it to conserve battery power. It is capable of streaming up to 9 hours with a full charge. It features a dual speaker system with Dolby processing. Amazon has managed to combine portability with connectivity and an intuitive search.

Construction and Design
Amazon Tap is constructed into a black cylinder which measures 6.5 by 2.6 inches. Its small size allows you to enjoy music and other services everywhere. It comes in handy while traveling, walking or pedaling outdoors. It can be carried in a backpack or with a sling. This speaker provides access to Amazon music using a button. The exterior is meshed thus making it easy to grip. This allows you to carry is safely around the house.

Physical buttons allow you to change songs, adjust volume and check battery life. Five tiny dots are displayed on the top after pressing the microphone button. This is an indicator the digital assistant is listening. It comes with a sling which prevents it from dropping. You can choose from the six colors provided. These are black, green, blue, tangerine, white and magenta. A hook is also provided to hang your 16.6-ounce speaker from your bag.

You can request for a specific artist, song or genre using an intuitive search facilitated by Wi-Fi. Alexa also allows you to listen to your favorite songs by searching for lyrics and even the album release date. Wi-Fi connection provides access to cloud-based voice service. It allows you to stream music from Amazon and other platforms like TuneIn, Pandora, and Spotify. You can listen to music on your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can command the speaker to monitor your calls or control your games

You only need to tap the microphone button and ask for the weather and news. This smart speaker allows you to request for a ride, open a garage, order pizza and even track your fitness goals. Amazon Tap allows you to sync with multiple smart devices and services for centralization and convenience. There is no limit in creating custom commands. This speaker provides comes with a smart home assistant that works with popular smart-home applications like Wink and SmartThings. It also works with smart thermostats found in different appliances.

Sound and Battery power 
Tap-Alexa makes use of dual stereo speakers with enhanced Dolby processing. This results in a crispy sound and a better bass response. The sound hits all directions which keep your room alive. Amazon Tap has a quality battery which lasts at least 9 hours while playing audio. It can be on standby for three weeks using a single charge. The Charging Cradle functionality allows you to replenish power even while listening to music. You will also be reminded when to charge the speaker. The sling needs to be removed for Cradle Charge to function. You can also opt to use a USB charging cable.

The process of setting up Amazon Tap-Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker is simple and straightforward. Start by downloading the Amazon Alexa app for your Android or iOS. This will be used to connect your speaker with Wi-Fi. From there you can press the button on the front and make your request to the digital assistant. Turn the speaker around to locate the Bluetooth pairing device. You will also find a micro USB port and an audio input port. The former allows you to charge your speaker while the latter allows you to listen to music with serenity. Buy a carrying case commonly known as a sling for hooking the speaker to your backpack. Now, you can access your sound everywhere you go with safety.

This is an affordable, highly connected and smart speaker. It allows you to play music and interact with your smart home by using your voice. Tap is very portable thus allowing you to bring fun and assistance with you everywhere. The sound quality and battery performance are exceptional. There are few complaints about the use of a button and distorted sounds at high volumes. Otherwise, the overall performance and affordable price make Amazon Tap a great investment.