Best Website Builder
August 15, 2020

The Best Website Builder – 11 Important Things to Consider

By Rabah Hasan

I Wanted the Best Website Builder I Could Find

When I started my quest to find the best website builder available online, I had no idea what such a product should have. I admit I was totally clueless! That concern was coupled with the fact that my time was already fragmented between my full-time job and the many responsibilities I had at home. I was left with the conundrum that many faces, and that is I had very little time for research. So what should the best website builder have?

Some Important Questions to Consider;

  • Do they offer a large number of designer premade templates?
  • Are their templates ready to publish with one click?
  • Do they take the “learning curve” out of the equation?
  • Can you build a site and have it up and running in minutes instead of weeks or months?

Are there any other Distinguishing Factors?

OK, so then what distinguishes your “run of the mill” website builder compared to that of a really good one? I’ve since learned I was not the only one with that question. It turns out to be one of the most frequently asked questions by novice online entrepreneurs today. So let’s try to break it down.

So How Important is Technical Support?

One of the most crucial concerns one should have of any website building product today is the question of “what type of support is offered?” Unfortunately, it’s a question that is frequently overlooked.

Here are a Few Very Important Points to Consider;

  • Do they offer 800 toll-free phone support?
  • Is their support team e-commerce trained?
  • Are they available 7 days a week?
  • Are they available after regular business hours?

These questions are some of the key factors that come into play when it comes to determining the best website builder, as compared to that of which is average or mediocre in nature. Let’s face it, you can have the best website builder in the world, but if you can’t use it or you get stuck and can’t seem to move forward because there is no one available to answer your questions, the product’s value diminishes greatly.

Are They Experts at Conveying Abstract Solutions with the Written Word?

One would also hope that the support team representative responding to your question has a better than average way of conveying his or her response via the written word. Isn’t it true that everyone has his or her own personal style of writing, phrasing thoughts, ideas and suggestions? I mean haven’t we all received an email or two in our lifetime and were totally perplexed by what was being said or conveyed? Perhaps even within the last few days or weeks, you’ve received such an email? We certainly don’t want to be further confused by a poorly written or composed technical response.

Do they have “Drag and Drop” Technology?

The best website builder would likely have incorporated “drag and drop” technology into their product. Some of the most popular site builders available today haven’t yet incorporated this technology into their product. Based upon feedback and comments by users of such products, these site builders are missing a vital element typically associated with “ease and simplicity.” True drag and drop technology is critical to the novice website builder, and its value is exponential.

Be careful and make certain they possess “true” drag and drop technology. Some site builders use a type of older antiquated technology built into their product, which can be misconstrued by the consumer as true “drag and drop” technology. The hazard is If such an organization runs aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns, their slogans and verbiage can prove challenging to decipher at times. This can occur in an extremely competitive market place.

Testimonials, Recommendations and Actual Customer Websites

One of the ways experienced marketers use to determine the credibility of a given product is to see what groups, organizations or companies are recommending that product. You also want to be able to see examples of websites that have been created using their product. These are very relevant concerns that the best website builders would likely display on their website when attempting to garner your interest in using their product. Any organization can say they have the best website builder, but can they prove it?

These are Excellent Indicators;

  • Are they highly recommended by organizations and respected third parties?
  • Do they allow you to see actual customer websites created by their program?
  • Do they provide testimonials on their site?

If finding the best website builder available online today is important to you, take the time and make the right decision. Your life will be much easier and headache-free if you do!