Donald Trump
August 24, 2019

Donald Trump Net Worth And How Did He Make His Fortune?

By Rabah Hasan

Donald Trump – The EntrepreneurOne of the main features that have highlighted the news over the years is without a doubt Donald Trump net worth. Before being a presidential candidate, or president-elect, Trump has been a well-known entrepreneur. At a press conference on January 11, Trump announced that he will relinquish all of his companies; Transfer the power to his children and also donate any gift he can receive during the presidency; this he said was to avoid any possible conflict of interest. The US President inherited from his father, Frederick, business skills and honed them when he graduated as an economist at the Wharton School of Finance, the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He managed to consolidate a real estate empire which positioned him among the richest men in the world.

Three and a half months ago, Donald Trump was the main owner of The Trump Organization, a conglomerate that gathers more than 515 companies, of which 264 of them initiate with the surname “Trump”. While 54 have their initials; According to financial information from the Federal Electoral Commission, reported by the BBC in July 2015.

What is Donald Trump net worth? Trump is everywhere. The marks with their surname are in at least 20 countries. In Israel, for example, there is a kosher watermark called “Trump Drinks Israel”, Trump Ice (bottled water), Trump Classic Cars, Golf courses, and even vineyards. Without forgetting the real estate business, the strength of his company.

In addition to his businesses, television and the media are other sources of his income this is according to Forbes magazine. Trump’s fortune depends on which glass he looks at. According to Donald Trump, he claims to have more than $ 10 billion at the start of his campaign. But Forbes magazine estimates Trump’s fortune at $ 3,700 million, less than half of what he reports.
Donald Trump Assets

Trump Tower: at 725 Fifth Avenue. This is his home and center of operations, both financial and presidential campaign. Trump World Tower, at number 845 of the United Nations Plaza in New York, named for its closeness to the UN headquarters.Golf courses in the United States as well as in Scotland and Ireland. His other properties include- Trump-branded aircraft- Riverside South / Trump Place.
– Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago .- Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York.- Trump International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas- Trump Park Avenue at Park Avenue & 59th Street.- Trump Tower Ocean Club International in Panama City, Panama.- Palm Beach estate: (4,000 m²).
– Sea-A-Lago Palm Beach in Florida. – Trump Tower in Punta Del Este (Uruguay)- Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama

Donald Trump – How did he make his fortune?
The main source of his income is the Trump Organization, whose original name was Elizabeth Trump & Son. Who was Elizabeth? Elizabeth Chris Trump was Trump’s grandmother. She invested the money on the company when her husband died. In October 2016, Trump mentioned at an event with his followers that his father gave him a “little help” of a million dollars to start his business. Eventually, Donald Trump inherited the foundation initiated by his grandmother.