Forex Trading
August 15, 2020

How To Start Forex Trading ? Beginners Guide from Successful Trader

By Rabah Hasan

Forex Market is globally the biggest foreign currency market for trading. Forex trading helps buyers and sellers to purchase the currency that is required for their company and sellers who have already purchased and earned some currency, get the opportunity to exchange what they own for something more convenient. Forex is dominated by the largest banks of the world and as per The Wall Street survey, the most active 10 traders who are constantly into foreign currency trading account for 73% of the volume of trading.

The systems of Forex Trade

It is always advised to be cautious about using any system for forex trade. Most systems use forex charts and these give out hints and signals around when is the correct time to sell or buy. These signals can be a rate change for a particular currency or maybe it is a historical change which would be concluded by a forex trader who has long term experience in this field. There are some others that use software for forex trading that does the work of identifying the hints and signals from inputs of data that are gathered from sources of market information, and this gathering happens automatically. Some systems use an automated software used for forex trade purposes and they have the capability to trigger trades when the signal says so. On the web, there are dummy forex trading systems that can be tried and tested so that one can get a feel before investing actual money.

How much is required as a first-time investment?

The minimum size for most of the trades on forex is generally 100,000 units of foreign currency and this is referred to as the “standard” lot. However, if one can search the internet, then some companies can be found who offer the standard lot at a much less number of units. Sometimes, one might come across a word called “Acciones” trading forex and this means that it is a small guy who is trading forex.

Where to start?

Starting online is definitely the best option as it provides direct access to the foreign exchange market and also be able to view and access many companies at the same time. It is key to do market research and study online before investing in this business.

Forex is based on speculation, so definitely there are some risks involved with it. But then with proper calculation and a complete idea about how much loss is bearable, one can definitely start the game.